Inductive profiling

| June 22, 2015

Your agency practices the use of inductive profiling, and your boss has asked you to prepare a short presentation to other investigators showing them how it will assist in rape cases. As an investigator in the serial rapist case, you decide that using inductive profiling would work in this case. You know there has been a typology developed to distinguish between different types of rapists, and you decide this would be a good case to share with the other investigators.


  • You will create a presentation of 3-4 slides with speaker notes.
  • Review the following standard typology of rapists that you will choose from for your presentation:
    • Power-reassurance
    • Power-assertive
    • Anger-retaliatory
    • Anger-excitation (sadist)
    • Opportunist
  • What type of rapist is represented by the serial rapist in your case?
  • Offer supporting evidence to back up your choice.
    • Why is the typology you chose the correct representation of the offender in your case?
    • Why do other typologies not fit the offender?
    • Does your offender fit into more than one typology? Why or why not?

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Serial Rape
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