Individual Position Statement:

| January 14, 2016

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Individual Position Statement:

– Topic: A nurse has a moral option of refusing to participate in care when “placed in situations of compromise that exceed acceptable moral limits or involve violations of the moral standards of the profession, whether in direct patient care or in any other forms of nursing practice”.
– 1500 words
– Students will need to demonstrate understanding of the Nursing & Midwifery Board of Australia Competencies for Registered Nurses as they pertain to the position statements.
– Information contained in the statement should clearly demonstrate the student’s perspective, which should be supported by current relevant evidence and reflect current policy and practice within the Australian nursing context with clear reference and linkage to the Nursing & Midwifery Board of Australia Nursing Competencies for Registered Nurses.
– Your position statement must be supported with citations.
– A Reference List must be provided at the end of the assignment.
– Please refer to the attached marking guide for further information

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