Individual Contribution Statement

| June 19, 2015

Individual Contribution Statement

Organizational Behavior". It discusses the various types of leadership and management, including theirs styles and approaches to many situations. How companies’ cultures affect behavior and morale, work ethics, etc.
In this course we read "Bartleby, The Scrivener" in which we were asked to analyze and put together (as a team of 5) our opinions and comments about the case. We also had to put together a PowerPoint presentation regarding " Management and Leadership". This same group of five eventually submitted all the components of Leadership to the class, and then eventually was put together as a whole classroom participation. My participation on these two are attached for your understanding. Part of the course is to participate in group discussions related to the assignments mentioned above. In this discussion groups, we exchanged comments, opinions and ideas as to how best tackle the assignment and divided the responsibilities into 4 groups of 5.



Group 1- What is leadership? Leadership vs. Management &Trait Theory.

Group 2- Behavioral Styles Theory. Contingency Model & Path-Goal Theory.

Group 3- Laissez-Faire & Transformational Leadership.

Group 4- Leader-Member Exchange. Shared Leadership & The Role of Followers.

These are the instructions from the professor for this assignment:

Each member of the class will post an individual contribution statement here.

State what you did (in detail) to contribute to the team activity.

Include: the research you did, how you helped each other through discussion, any difficulties you may have had in the task.

Include a paragraph about how you think a manager creates and develops effective organizational teams.


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