Indigenous Visualities in Film, Video, and New Media

| November 17, 2015

Assignment: Compare and contrast the cinematic (sounds and shots: framing, angle, camera movement, music, lighting, and editing) ‘They must be films and directors we have examined in class.
Ultimately, this compare/contrast paper should respond to the primary question we have explored: How does/do the film(s) present an indigenous visuality?
Length: 5-6 pages of text; if any images are included they should appear at the end of the text and are not to be included as part of the 5-6 page requirement.
Bibliography: A bibliography is mandatory. We will have a class workshop on formatting bibliographies and citation later in the semester. There is no minimum requirement for number or resources. However, your research should be confined to scholarly journals, books, or websites:
Film reviews are acceptable.
Readings used in class are acceptable.
Points will be deducted for inappropriate research sources which include: Wikipedia, random blogs, encyclopedias, dictionaries, or websites not associated with a university, library, a filmmaker’s self-authored website, or a museum.
Formatting: Emailed assignments will not be accepted. When submitting written assignments containing two or more pages, a staple is mandatory and they should be printed on one side only. Papers should be double-spaced, typed, Times New Roman, 12pt, normal margins, left margin justified, no triple spacing between paragraphs. Your paper should be thoroughly proof-read for copy-editing and spelling mistakes. Common rules of formal writing such as avoiding contractions (e.g. use “do not” rather than “don’t”) should be respected.

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