Indigenous Australian intervention regarding health, education and law.

| October 19, 2015

Indigenous Australian intervention regarding health, education and law.
The broad theme (Indigenous intervention) should be discussed as narrowly as possible (relating to health, education and law). Students are to CRITICALLY ENGAGE and DRAW UPON LEARNING from these 3 topics.
Students are also required to REFLECT on whether this task has made them more aware of Indigenous Australian peoples and Indigenous Australian affairs. There needs to be an inclusion of Indigenous voices/perspectives.
The 1700 word paper is to be written in an essay style with a minimum of 7 scholarly references. You must adhere to APA referencing style.
The following 3 references must be included:
PHOLI, K., BLACK, D. & RICHARDS, C. 2009. Is ‘Close the Gap’ a useful approach to improving the health and wellbeing of Indigenous Australians? Australian Review of Public Affairs, 2, 1-13. Retrieved from
RIGNEY, L.-I. 2011. Indigenous education and tomorrow’s classroom: Three questions, three answers. In: PURDIE, N., MILGATE, G. & BELL, H. R. (eds.) Two way teaching and learning: Toward culturally reflective and relevant education. Victoria: ACER Press. – I HAVE ATTACHED THIS FILE
JOHNS, G. 2008. The Northern Territory Intervention in Aboriginal Affairs: Wicked Problem or Wicked Policy? Agenda, 15, 65-84.Retrieved from
PLUS 5 other scholarly/ academic references.

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