Indigenization of the Aboriginal people in Canada and Australia

| May 28, 2014

It is notable that indigenization came about as a result of trying to find balance and provide a competent and superior justice system to the Aboriginal people through ensuring an increased shared cultural space between the indigenous people and the system (Dickson-Gilmore & Prairie, 2005). Dickson-Gilmore and Prairie (2005) further note that the main objective of indigenization was to generate programs that connected with the Aboriginal community and culture and provided a restorative healing approach to solving of differences . These programs were meant to promote fairness and strengthen the justice system.

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Term Paper: What is the "inherent right to self-government"? How has the criminal justice system affected this right? What are the implications of the inherent right to self-government for an Aboriginal justice system? How might such a system interact with the Canadian criminal justice system?
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