independent Study

| June 19, 2015

independent Study
Assignment 3 to writer 236788 ,this is the final report .I asked you before to do the first and the second one , I will upload it to you . you can use references as many as you can and I will upload the APA style 6ed. Please do your best in the final one .

Final report
In 20-22pages, submit a report that provides a full assessment of the topic under consideration.

Format: The Final Report should be written with headings and subheadings and may be developed in a format that will be suitable for other professional purposes, eg inclusion in a professional portfolio; submission to a principal or school council; submission as an article to a journal.

Section 1: Introduction
The purpose of the topic is defined. The introduction identifies the question, issue or problem, provides
background information and states what is to be investigated or examined.

Section 2 Literature Review
The literature review presents what you have discovered is known about the topic. It identifies any gaps or
inconsistencies in theoretical understanding or that you may have in your understanding of the issue. This may result in further questions for you to investigate in the future.

Section 3 Analysis
The results section presents the outcomes of the study, revealing and interpreting the results of your analysis of the research literature.

Section 4 Conclusion
The conclusion discusses the theoretical and practical implications of the study, also presenting recommendations for applying the results of the study. This section explores the implications of the study on existing policies, programs or practices related to the study.


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