Increasing Work Performance

| February 9, 2014

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As part of your management role you need to monitor and assess the performance of your employees. Produce a work manual entitled: “Increasing Work Performance”. Note1: Make a mention about Emirates Airline as the example company. Note2: Please use (BPP 2010 book) as reference book if possible and use both in-text and bibliography citation. The manual will be used as a guide for your fellow departmental managers. You must explain the factors involved in planning the monitoring and assessment of work performance. Include the following sections and give examples of documentation that could be used in your appendix: Section 1 – Planning work orientation and job design • Application of motivation theories and empowerment techniques • Communication styles and techniques • Delegation techniques and processes • Supervision styles working culture and practices • Regulations and codes of practice • Diversity issues Section2 – Performance monitoring and assessment • Measuring effective performance • Providing feedback • Appraisal processes • Benchmarking performance processes • Mentoring and counseling • Methods of correcting under-performance • Legislation • Codes of practice and procedures relating to disciplinary situations • Diversity issues • Management principles • Promotions of anti-discriminatory practices and behaviours. Section 3: (Note as per Dr instruction: Please treat this as an independent part with an introduction – body – summary because of the different approach it has. This should cover Approx.600 words of the total word count leaving the remaining approx. 1325 words for section 1 and section 2. for any queries, please message me Section 3 details: (appraisal form is uploaded) Interview a work colleague (an act play if possible) and identify their training and development needs . You must plan and deliver the assessment of the development of an individual. Ask the interviewee to evaluate their own performance and if possible ask them to share their last appraisal records with you. Prepare documentation to record your assessment of their work and development needs and include the following in your assessment: • Preferred learning style and processes • Nature of individual learning and lifelong learning plans • Preferred communication style and technique
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