Increasing Work Performance

| February 9, 2014

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Increasing Work Performance Planning Work Orientation and Job Design Introduction For the performance in any job sector to be increased a great role has to be played by the human resource management. One of the roles played is the planning work orientation and job design. Some of the techniques used in the work orientation are the motivation of the workers. In the work design the structure, configuration and contents of the employees work roles and tasks are the main fundamental roles that remain important in the job place. The theories that are used to help clearly in understanding of the work design especially in these changing technological eras are important. There are new issues that have to be attended to if the motivation tasks are to be achieved in order to increase work performance in the changing times. The traditional levels in the sector of job design such as the levels of the job autonomy always remain very important (Sharon, 2010). The work orientation and job design hence is a relevant and critical issue in the enhancement of the better work performance. The application of motivation theories and empowerment techniques is one of the fundamental aspects of the work design. The understanding of work motivation increases the usefulness of addressing the contemporary issues in the job place. Drawing on the Sharon
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