Increasing forgiveness in the world

| December 12, 2015

Increasing forgiveness in the world

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For your final paper, your task is to design a future in which the moral aim that is of utmost importance to you has been achieved, to the extent that you believe that this is possible. For example, you could describe a world in which war is rare, a world in which there is considerably less inequality and discrimination, or a world in which humanity has minimized its carbon footprint. Making abundant usage of the course readings, your task is to describe what aspects of human nature might productively contribute or present barriers to this imagined utopia, and to detail the requisite evolutionary pressures, changes in cultural institutions and practices, and developmental experiences that you believe could provide for this future. This paper will be graded on your ability to synthesize and evaluate multiple readings from the semester, the success of your application of theory and experimental evidence to a real-world issue, and the degree to which you formulate a persuasive thesis.

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