Incorporation of Persian Folk music with the world music

| September 24, 2015

Select a relevant topic and write a critical and reflective discussion and justification of a research question, proposed methodologies, context, and rationale for the research proposal that includes any relevant ethical considerations and frameworks
While the individual proposals are likely to vary in structure, in general, all reports will include the following aspects of the project proposal:
• An introduction (in which you briefly restate the topic, problem, rationale who the audience is and the impact the research could have on policy or practice). This is needed to ascertain whether your research question or hypothesis and research design are consistent and respond appropriately to your research problem.
• Your research question (if doing qualitative research) or hypothesis (if doing quantitative research).
• Methodological framework, which outlines your theoretical approach to research and specific research design. You should explain why you think this methodological framework is suitable for your problem and questions/ hypothesis.
The specific methods you will use including:
What you intend to do, how you intend to do it, how much of it you intend to do, with whom etc. If you plan to do surveys or interviews, you should give indicative examples of the types of questions you will ask.
How you intend to analyse your data
A discussion of ethics and what the ethical issues are in your research
What the ‘products’ will be – for example, research report
A timetable for the research
An indication of the resources you will need to implement your project.
Harvard Reference system must be used

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Incorporation of Persian Folk music with the world music


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