Income inequality between Americans and Immigrants

| March 16, 2014

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This Paper will be consist of 4 parts, Intro, theory review, test and conclusion. This time I need to turn in Introduction and Theory review that will be 10 pages length. This is second paper but my first paper was not good so you can ignore what I wrote in first paper. I will provide instructions both first and second paper, hope will help you on Introduction part. I will also attach example of first assignment.
Sorry for rushing in 5 days for theory paper, but I will make longer time for next. I am international student so it
does not have to used advanced English word but grammar should be alright. Thank you
My research program is inequality immigrants and Americans.
Thesis question :What is different between Americans and immigrants in income inequality and how could we manage it
with policy?
You can change the thesis question in your affordable area, but it should have certain subject(Americans and
immigrants) and object(inequality).
Instruction by professor
Assignment 2
Your second assignment is a REVIEW of the THEORIES that could answer your research question.
Your product should start with an introduction based on your first assignment, so that I know your current scope for
your theory review. This introduction should be your final introduction, to all intents and purposes, as you would
deliver in your final thesis.
After your introduction, review the theories in no more than 8 pages.
This assignment does not need a complete review of all the theories as you would deliver as part of your final thesis.
You do need to show that you are aware of the scope of these theories and can give an overview within 8 pages,
including an admission of what else you would need to cover in order to complete your review in your final thesis
(your final review will be around 15 pages).
In this second assignment, you need to show that:
1. you can analyze theories, for instance that you can group like-theories and compare unlike-theories,
2. you know how to select the most generalizable or macro of the theories before working down to the more specific or micro theories,
3. you can assess arguments in formal terms, such as propositions, logic, etc.
4. you can describe a theory in terms of causes or inputs or drivers
5. you can develop or choose hypotheses
Assignment 1
Your first assignment is a description of the SCOPE of your research project.
Your product should describe the following:
– Your research question
– The relevant disciplines
– Your focus within these disciplines
– Why your research is interesting to a wider audience
– Why your research is important
– What your research would improve (primary choices: history, theory, methodology, policy, practice, well being)
– What your research would challenge (primary choices: assumptions; expectations; misconceptions; inattention;
conventional wisdom)
– What gap in knowledge your research would fill.
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