in unit 14 you were introduced to partnerships these are often referred to as public 2920625

In Unit 14 you were introduced to Partnerships. These are often referred to as public sector/private sector partnerships or PPPs. I would like you to develop a paper that addresses the following: 1. What is the value proposition that underlies PPPs? 2. From your perspective and research have PPPs been successful? If so why? If not why not? (cite your sources) 3. Identify three partnership models. (cite your sources) 4. How would you assess the information sharing that has occurred within PPPs? (develop an assessment framework) 5. Using your assessment framework rank order the 3 partnership models indentified in 3 above. PAPER FORMAT I. ABSTRACT (no more than 150 words) II. PPP Value Proposition III. PPP Outcomes (success, failure, something in between) IV. Three Partnership Models V. Assessment Framework VI. Assessment Framework Results VII. Bibliography Your final paper will be no less than 20 pages, double spaced, 12 point font. Please include a bibliography and for that and citation purposes follow the APA style guidelines.

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