In this project you will analyze an emerging country and write a short 2-3 page report.

| October 29, 2015

I would like you to research an emerging country and write a 2-3 page report on that country focusing on the stock market and financial system. Specific pieces of information that you should elaborate on are:

– Short description about the Emerging Country, including the political system, location, geopolitical importance, neighbors, population.
– Economy of the Emerging Country: Main natural resources, Fundamental Industries and Sectors in the country, Import and Export information, Currency Information, GDP, GDP per capita, and other relevant information.
– Financial Markets History: When was the stock market first established, how it has evolved, when trading started, etc.
– Current State of the Financial Markets: What are the hours of trade, what is the current structure of the stock market, where is the specific location, the total capitalization of the market (how large is the stock market), and other information about the equity market and other financial markets.
– More detailed information about the stocks: How many stocks are traded in the stock market, what main sectors/industries are represented in the stock market, the list of important stocks in the market, trading volume in the stock exchange.
– If you can also provide some information about the most important 2-3 stocks, that will enhance your report.

A good source for your investigation can be Specifically, focus on the ‘statistics’ section (Monthly Report by selecting 2015; then September, USD; pdf; Complete Report and downloading the complete report will be helpful). You should also use other resources for your report, such as, and other sources.

Many organizations come up with different lists defining countries as emerging markets. I have uploaded to Blackboard next to this assignment a pdf file with your names and an arbitrarily assigned emerging country that you will analyze.

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