In this assignment, you will assess the design of a product with respect to its recyclability. You will have to disassemble it, study it, and suggest areas for improvement.

| May 29, 2014

Selection of a product:

1) Pick a product for your study and give a brief description (include a picture/drawing) of the product you are investigating. Something like a flashlight is always good.


Recyclability Assessment:

2) Take the product apart and identify which parts can be recyclable? Make a chart

3) Estimate the percent recyclability by weight

a. A worst case (pessimistic) scenario

b. A best case (optimistic) scenario

Be as realistic as possible.

4) Discuss/evaluate the results from your assessment. Are the results what you expected (and why or

why not)?


5) Product: Identify critical areas and (re)design options that improve the overall material recyclability of your product from a technical as well as financial perspective.

6) What have you learned?

The objective of this assignment is to have you go through a “real-life” recyclability assessment and

improvement. I will grade you based on depth of discussion and technical merits/quality of results.

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