In their discussion of what constitutes “Chinese Religion,” Goossaert and Palmer make the claim that, “Islam and Christianity were later arrivals; owing to their exclusive claims of truth, they did not become fully integrated into the system, even though they gradually became thoroughly sinicized and, in the period covered by this book, had a powerful impact on changes to the religious landscape.” (p. 20).

| May 27, 2014

To what extent have the Christian groups discussed in your readings from Redeemed by Fire created an indigenized Christianity? How similar or different are they from Chinese Religion (god cults, ancestor worship, etc.)? Are they Western? In your response be sure to cover the early twentieth-century and the post-1982 era.

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Identify this passage and explain its significance: “That which a person needs in life is loyalty and filial piety. . . As for the word “filial piety,” this is the road that every ignorant man or woman must follow.” (p. 323)

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