In recent years, there have been increased flows of outward FDI originatedfrom emerging markets.Please discuss the importance of outward FDI to the home and the hostcountries and their future trend.

| May 28, 2014

The objective of this assignment is to keep you aware and spark your interest inCurrent multinational financial management issues. In this assignment you are required to review and consider multinational financialmanagement finance theory and apply the theory to a practical task.The assignmentis to research the topics given below according to multinational financialmanagement theory and practice.

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Interview an experienced health care professional about changes in the health care industry.
The purpose of the personal profile assignment is to bring all of those activities together and ask you to consider those reflections to determine whether your thoughts have lead you to acknowledge that some form of change is necessary. We have asked you to focus on your strengths to enable you to understand where, in a given situation, you may be able to use your strengths to change your actions and potentially improve the outcome.

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