In Bigville, a fast-food chain feels it is gaining a bad reputation

| November 19, 2015

In Bigville, a fast-food chain feels it is gaining a bad reputation because it takes too long to serve the customers. Because the chain has four restaurants in this town, it is concerned with whether all four restaurants have the same average service time. One of the owners of the fast-food chain has decided to visit each of the stores and monitor the service time for five randomly selected customers. At his four noon-time visits, he records the following service times in minutes. Do all the restaurants have the same mean service time? (Use a = 0.05)

Restaurant 1 Restaurant 2 Restaurant 3 Restaurant 4
3 3 2 3
4 3.5 3.5 4
5.5 4.5 5 5.5
3.5 4 6.5 2.5
4 5.5 6 3

The editor-in-chief of a major metropolitan newspaper has been trying to convince the paper’s owner to improve the working conditions in the pressroom. He is convinced that the noise level when the presses are running creates unhealthy levels of tension and anxiety. He recently had a psychologist conduct a test during which press operators were placed in rooms with varying levels of noise and then given a test to measure mood and anxiety levels. The following table shows the index of their degree of arousal or nervousness and the level of noise to which they were exposed (1.0 is low and 10.0 is high):

Noise Level Degree of Arousal
4 39
3 38
1 16
2 18
6 41
7 45
2 25
3 38

a.Develop an equation relating noise level and degree of arousal. [10 POINTS]

b.Predict the degree of arousal that might be expected if the noise level is 3. [5 POINTS]

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Ex: Phillip is interested in testing whether there are any difference
3. The following estimated equation was obtained by OLS regression using quarterly data for 1958 to 1976 inclusive:

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