In an MLA formatted paper of at least 1000 words of content, analyze a character, theme, symbolism, imagery, or other literary device used in the poem “The Wanderer”

| February 22, 2015

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Choose your source text(s) only from the assigned literary works (Use only literary works, not headnotes or editors notes.)
Do not use any sources other than the literary works youre writing about. This is not a research paper! Your insight, interpretation and argument are what matter. This paper must consist only of your writing supported with evidence from the selected literary work(s).
Ensure that your papers thesis is an arguable (debatable) thesis. (The resources for writing a literary analysis explain this and provide examples.)
Structure the paper with an introductory paragraph that ends with the thesis statement. Use the topic of each body paragraph to present a point that directly supports the thesis.
Within each body paragraph, use logical reasoning and evidence from the literary text to prove your point of argument.
Include (and cite within the paper) at least three quotations from each literary work youre discussing, but dont overdo it most of the paper needs to be your own writing.
Use signal phrases to integrate all quotations.
Include a works cited page that cites each literary work you use as a work in an anthology or as a work from an online source, as applicable.
Use MLA document format for the paper and MLA style for the citations and works cited page.
Edit and proofread: In addition to content, clarity, organization, grammar and spelling do count.
Choose ONE of the above topic areas to explore, and unless you are focusing only on short works, limit yourself to discussing no more than two works in order to achieve depth of discussion and to avoid a superficial or overly general paper.
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