Improving Public Sector Performance: A Study of the Role of Sociocultural and Political-Legal Factors in Improving the Public Sector Performance in Islamic Countries

| July 29, 2016

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements



  1. Theoretical Foundation/Conceptual Findings (Model/Framework): 10 pages are required based on the provided written work.
  2. Research methodology: 6 pages to be designed to cover the Research Methodology through combination of the following two tools: a community meeting and closed-ended questionnaire. All required questions and inquiries to be prepared well.


  1. References: no later than 15 years.
  2. Standard Harvard style referencing.
  3. Entire UK English matching the existing in style and grammar.
  4. Flow of info: first topic leads to the next.
  5. It must be critical style, NOT descriptive.
  6. No long paragraphs with only a single reference.
  7. Consider punctuations and linking words precisely (the required is a critical work not descriptive).
  8. Maintained good Format.
  9. The term (public health services) means mainly (public sector health services), so use later as where suitable.
  10. Avoid long sentences as much as possible.
  11. Avoid recurrent sentences, such as: (in fact) (to this end) (…earlier) (ought to) (rampant) (especially)…, and to be replaced with different expression, where it is convenient.
  12. Assure that the linking words are correctly and well used, correct and add more as required. There is obvious absence of using them, for example: in terms of, with respect to, regarding, regardless of, nevertheless, apart from…etc (use of these linking words is of high importance important).


Important: the copy right of all above criteria are reserved, utilising them by any means is strictly disallowed, and it is private and confidential.

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