Improving Capabilities and Strategic Fit in Governmental Agencies: The Case of Abu Dhabi’s Government Infrastructure Sector

| July 16, 2015

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Results, Analysis, and Discussion Chapter
– Quantitative Data: 200 surveys of middle management positions in the Infrastructure Sector agencies were intended but 183 responses received
– Qualitative Data: 12 interviews of officials in top management position in the Infrastructure Sector were conducted as per the plan.
– Start with an introductory paragraph as a reminder of the purpose of the study
– Include the research questions, and remind the reader of why the research study was completed.
– A discussion of what type of tests were chosen and why is presented first to remind the reader.
– Describe the data collection instrument along with any archival databases consulted.
Quantitative Data Analysis
– Introductory paragraph
– Present the findings, implications, and interpretations.
– Ensure that the flow of quantitative part matches qualitative part in the findings and interpretations section
– Use the same sub-section titles presented in the qualitative part
– Present the result of each test in statistical format and with tables and charts in a visual manner using section titles related to each hypothesis
Qualitative Data Analysis
– Introductory paragraph
– Results of statistical tests in numerical format
– Ensure that the flow of quantitative part matches qualitative part in the findings and interpretations section
– Analysis of qualitative data for patterns or themes presented based on the major themes found in the data
– Use subsections in relation to the research topic.
Questions and Hypothesis
– Discusses measurement of variables that tested hypotheses
– For every hypothesis, there is a sub-section title explaining the results, making it clear to the reader that findings do not support or are supported the hypothesis.
Please make-up the focus group discussion because in reality there is no focus group. You can follow the bellow assumption:
– Focus group was conducted.
– The focus group included 10 employees from Abu Dhabi infrastructure entities.
– Both, qualitative and quantitative data were presented.
– Feedback was noted where participants reflected on the research outcomes.
– Discuss how evidence of lack of statistical errors was found, and predict the results of each hypothesis results to the general population and with what level of error
– A summary of the major findings concludes the findings and interpretations section with a transitional paragraph introducing the recommendations section.
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