Imprisonment & Human Rights

| March 27, 2014

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Question: “Prisoners retain a right to a family life but inevitably it is restricted by their incarceration”. Discuss the extent to which prisoners should be allowed to continue to exercise this right while in prison.
1) Footnote
2) Bibliography ( please seperate from the 14 pages essay)
3) Please consider
– What right do prisoners have to be visited by their families?
– can they lose this right just because they breached ‘social contract’
– what right to family members have to visit prisoners?
– do prisoners have a right to marry?
– Do prisoners have a right to intimate visits from their spouses or partners?
– do prisoners have a right to have children by artificial insemination
4) Please look into cases
Dickson v the United Kingdom (1983)5 EHRR 347 (right to have children)
Jaremowicz v Poland, Frasik v Poland ( Right to marry)
Aliev v Ukraine (Application no.41220/98) 29 April 2003 ( Right to conjugal visit)
Raymond v Honey [1983] 1 AC 1 ( See what Lord Wilberforce said)
5) Please find other resources aside from the above from law journals.
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