Importance of QA Testing during Software Development Process

| February 6, 2014

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Introduction After developing software, most computer companies such as Microsoft opt to perform various testing’s on the software to ensure that the user gets quality products services and to get rid of software bugs. Software constitutes a large percentage of the cost of the system thus it is vital and if the development procedure lacks quality then the software to be developed will definitely lack quality. The rampant use of software is found in all facets of life. From mobile phones, watches, pagers, IPods and applications like banking and medical units, software is seen as the most crucial and valuable system in most oganisations. Software quality testing constitutes the holistic software development process that is, improving and monitoring the process, making sure that problems indicated are dealt with and that the agreed standards and procedures are closely followed (Gaz, 2014). Its main objective is prevention of any software anomalies at first glance, fixing it and then producing the final product of the quality software. Consequently, the importances of quality software assurance are as follows: Quality assurance testing is carried out to detect and fix software bugs. Major computer system failures and consequences are mainly caused by software bugs…ORDER NOW…
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