Importance of Empowerment in Customer Service Management

| February 9, 2014

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The primary goal of every business enterprise is to make profits. For this goal to be realized, there are several strategies that must be put in place. Some of the most commonly employed strategies by businesses include reduction of cost of operation and maximizing on sales. The second strategy is perhaps the core of all others and which must be prioritized by all businesses (Baran, 2008). Maximizing on sales is a strategy that is customer oriented. It is a strategy that recognizes that the customer forms the core of the business. It is imperative for every business to understand the crucial position held by the customer in the business. A customer oriented approach ensures the satisfaction of customers in service delivery. This will mean that the customer will come again for a second time and will give referrals as well. Customer service management is therefore the bedrock of every business without which a business is bound to fail. The gist of this discussion is the importance of empowerment on customer service management. The discussion will focus on the need to empower employees in order to deal with external customers and satisfy them…..ORDER NOW
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Increasing Work Performance
Importance of Empowerment in Customer Service Management


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