Importance and flaws of College education

| September 28, 2015

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To complete this assignment, you must write an essay that balances and combines the “exploratory” aspect of traditional essay-writing with the “thesis and evidence” structure of an academic essay. Here is a breakdown of the requirements:
1) Write a thesis paragraph that
a) Introduces the topic of college education in personal, exploratory terms: what is important about college for you, or for your peers? What feelings and ideas are associated with college? What questions do you have?
b) Briefly mentions two published authors’ ideas aboutcolleges education. Choose your authors from this list: Newman, Emerson, Kelly, Graff. You may not use any other author as a major source for this paper, though you may briefly mention other authors (from this class or elsewhere) in the body of the paper.
c) Includes a clear, narrow, debatablethesis statement that describes YOUR ideal college education, and states whether you agree, disagree, or partially agree with the published authors you cite.
2) Include good college-level summaries of each source, focused on the details of their educational proposals, in the body of the paper. [We will discuss summary in class on September 10]
3) Use at least threesandwiched quotes from each outside author in the body of your paper, or six (6) quotations total. [We will discuss quotations, and what it means to “sandwich” a quotation, in class on September 8]
4) Return to your personal thoughts and responses several times in the body of the paper. There is no set number of times to do this. The goal is for you to help the reader see, understand, and remember your point of view throughout the whole paper.
5)Include a conclusion paragraph that clearly explains why your ideas are important
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