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| March 9, 2014

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You are an Organizational Developer (OD) working with the Coca-Cola Company. Weeks ago you prepared a report on the Contracting Process and the tools and techniques used to undertake the project.
Now, prepare a four-page report about how a project could be implemented. Indicate the problems (if any) you might anticipate during the implementation stage. For example, indicate clearly how the final project would be implemented at the organizational level if the intervention is at this level. In addition, recommend the required corrective actions. Justify your recommendations with appropriate research and reasoning.
Assignment Criteria
-Developed strategies to implement change in a hypothetical organization.
-Detailed the potential problems during the implementation stage.
-Recommended the required corrective actions.
Justified ideas by using appropriate examples and references from texts, Web sites, other references, or personal experience and cited the sources in the APA format.
***Please provide an ABSTRACT, Introduction and Conclusion paragraph***CITE any sources you use by using the APA guidelines. ***Start each sentence with a TOPIC sentence***CITE ALL references used in the paper**Please provide reasoning & examples
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