Implementing Access Controls with Windows Active Directory

| March 27, 2015

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 CSIA 301 4055 Foundations of Cybersecurity (2152)
Lab Assignment #1 Lab Assignment #1
Complete the following online labs using the JBL/Toolwire online labs:

JBL Lab #4: Identifying and Removing Malware from Windows Systems
JBL Lab #6: Creating a Scheduled Backup and Replicating System Folders

Each online lab consists of the following:

Introduction (Required Reading)
Steps (Step by Step Lab Procedure)
Hands-on Activities (use Lab Procedure)

Each lab procedure will identify steps in the lab at which you are required to take a screen snapshot. Paste each snapshot into your Lab Report file and attach that file to your assignment submission. For this assignment, you must submit the following:


Attach both Lab Report files to your LEO assignment folder submission for Lab Assignment #1.

Lab website to login:


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