Implementation and institutionalisation

| February 12, 2014

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This assessment addresses the process of change.
The change process involves implementation and institutionalisation. Five activities which contribute to effective change include motivating change, creating a vision, developing political support, managing the transition and sustaining momentum. Indicators of institutionalisation (change is institutionalised when it becomes taken-for-granted and part of the routines and habits of employees) include knowledge, performance, preferences, normative consensus, and value consensus.
• Identify the internal political, economic, cultural and leadership factors that have influenced the implementation of the changes at Qantas.
• Critically review the process of institutionalisation in Qantas and determine the degree to which change has been institutionalised.
• Go on to assess whether the change was successful.
• Use minimum of six (6) peer reviewed journal articles.
The aim of this assignment is for you to:
• Review critically the process of change used by Qantas.
• Demonstrate your understanding of different factors affecting the implementation of change.
• Assess the process of institutionalisation and degree to which the change was successful.
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