Imperialism between 1750-1900

| April 3, 2014

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Analyze the political and economic changes and continuities that occurred ine ONE of the following regions as a result of imperialism between 1750 and 1900: Either ->Africa/Asia/or Latin America.
Essay thesis-A comprehensive and analytical thesis which takes a position on how political(ie;state-building, conflict, political structures, empires, revolts, revolution…) and economic(ie; agric,trade commerce, labors systems, industrialization, capitalism, socialism…) systems changed or stayed the same in one region in the timeframe of 1750-1900 as a result of imperialism.Should show at least one change and one continuity, in one of the above regions, as a result of imperialism. Connects imperialism clearly to other global processes like industrialization and nationalism. Contains at least four pieces of accurate evidence used to support the thesis. Comments on the divergent points of view about the nature of and effects of imperialism. For global historical content, explains how one or more global process caused imperialism in that region. Explains the gendered nature of imperialism. Explains why imperialism caused the political or economic structures or systems to change or stay the same in that region. RUBRIC FOR GRADING: 1)Has a clear, analytical, and comprehensive thesis which addresses the global issues (ie; social, economic,political, cultural, Human-environ interaction…) in the time period specified. 2)Analyzes all issues (as relevant): global issues, chronology, causation, change, continuity, content. 3)Substantiates thesis with ample historical evidence. 4)Uses relevant world historical context(linking relevant ideas, events, or trends in an innovative way) effectively to explain changes & continuity over time period. 5)500 word essay, double-spaced, 12 or 14 pt. font Times New Roman or Arial. Source is the textbook; Traditions and Encounters A Global Perspective on the Past, 2nd ed. Bentley & Ziegler(authors). *No citations needed as long as all information is derived from the reading in the text (and ALL OF THE INFORMATION MUST COME FROM THE TEXT-SO NO CITATIONS!!!). *Should be a solid page and a half double-spaced.
This needs to be done by 10pm, I put the 6hr window in to be sure, but it is ok if delivered before 10pm. Chapter 34 in the text is the most substantial in information.
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