Impact of Green Supply Chain on Baking Industry in jamaica

| September 30, 2015

The Question is : Students will require to conduct a detailed analysis of an industry and to make recommendation based on lesson learnt during this course that will improve the sustainability of the supply chain of companies with that industry. The green strategy proposed may affect the product, policies, transportation modes, and/ or technology used. Jamaica must be involved in the solution. The solution must improve the industry company’s bottom line, social profile and environmental stewardship.
I already started my thoughts on this paper and outlined my approach to its completion thru the TOC. This can be modified to adhere to and improve the message. Thru the paper, where as the Jamaican Baking Industry is the focus, I wanted a comparison/readiness with US Market and possible England or other potential market for baking products done. The Jamaican web-site is very limited, but information is available. Upon your review.

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Category: Logistics

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