Immigration ( Russian Women)

| February 11, 2014

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The class is Recent US History. And its a group project research and each one has something to write about and I selected the “Immigration” to talk about which is in the 1870’s until 1919 with the ( Russian women) in the US, Here is one question i wrote “Why would these women come to the United state?” also you can add like Where, who, when… these kind of questions “If you found an articles or anything I want you to cite the sources in the end. Also, for this paper I want it to be objectively. The instructor told us to read the book called “Triangle the fire that changed america by David Von Drehle” but you don’t have to read it, you can just watch the video on YouTube and the film is similar to the book.
Historical Question would be “During the progressive era (1870- 1919), in what ways did the women of america do to help improve the work-force”
After the group develops its historical question and thesis, each member of the group must write a minimum of 1100 words that contributes to an understanding of the historical question. (A word count must be at the end of the paper you turn in to me.) Each project must incorporate visuals and must incorporate an original timeline that secures the teams analysis within a larger historical context. The project must be fact-based and include a full bibliography of sources. It must also include footnotes or end-notes.
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