IFSM 201 – Week #4

| November 16, 2015

Application software has many uses and one use is for companies to monitor employee usage during business hours. Employers can use software to automatically find personal or offensive e-mail messages than have been sent or received, and intercept then filter messages while they are being sent and/or received. Companies also monitor Internet traffic such as websites visited by employees and how much time employees spend using social media sites.

The question is why? Why do companies go to great lengths to monitor employee activity during the day? Is it purely about productivity or are companies worried about security and loss of proprietary information? Please provide your thoughts.

What about the privacy of employees and their rights, what type of policies should a company have in place prior to monitoring any user activity? What guidelines should they follow to maintain worker morale and to ensure they are following all applicable laws? Please provide your thoughts.

Please provide your 1st post by Thursday @ 11:59pm (est) and respond to at least two other student by Sunday @ 11:59pm (est).

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