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  1. If you are working in a pair, email the names of your pair to your Course Coordinator (CC) by the end of Week 3. Remember, both students have to confirm the pair. If you are an internal student and have not done so, your CC will email you with the name and email address of your pair.
  2. Complete Task 1 of the Practice Set, beginning on page 4. This will teach you how to use MYOB. Make sure that you use the sample data file supplied with the purchase of your Prac Set.
  3. Complete Task 2 of the Practice Set, beginning on page 105. Make sure you use the data file provided with the purchase of your Prac Set and NOT the sample data file used in Task 1. Ensure that you print out all of the schedules, etc and check them against the information provided.
  4. Complete Task 3, beginning on page 109.
  5. Complete Task 4, beginning on page 119.
  6. Complete Task 5, beginning on page 123 – up to and including PRINTOUT 17. You do NOT have to complete PRINTOUTS 18 and 19.

Submit ALL reports printed out as requested in the above requirements, saved in PDF format. This means that you will submit 17 printouts in total.
NOTE: If you miss one of these reports, you will not receive marks for it. If you submit the wrong report, you will not receive any marks for it. It is very important that you follow all instructions and examples from the Practice set for the type of reports that you print. Some printouts are worth far more than others and different components of MYOB are graded in each report. Please refer to the marking scheme below for a breakdown of how much each report is worth.


Please note that each student’s reflective piece must be submitted separately for privacy.


Throughout this assignment you have worked in a partnership with another student. If this student was your partner in Fox Fitness, explain how you would have structured the partnership arrangement, such as distribution of profits etc. Justify your answer by explaining how much work each of you put into the practice set and your working relationship during the course of


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