if a company should build a production building in Iraq or Iran


• Each report should be typed, double spaced, 8-10 pages in length, not including appendices and references. This is essentially a research report. Sources of information may include interview, journals, books, newspapers, and Internet sites which have an ending of either .gov or .edu. Do not use .com or .net sites. Encyclopedias are not acceptable resources. You need 5 outside sources. o The report should answer the following question: o You are a new international staff specialist at the Lewis Globalworks Co., Inc. The company currently produces a variety of consumer products including textiles, computers, and auto parts. We are considering opening a production facility in your country/area. Use the taxonomy discussed in the class handout (technical, economic, political, legal, cultural) of environments to help build the basis of your decision. You should write your report as if it is being prepared for Lewis’ s Board of Directors. o Issues which will impact on your evaluation include professionalism, documentation, flow, referencing, and proper use of titles and subtitles.