Identifying Prospective Donors

| June 24, 2015


  • Review Chapter 8, including Appendices, in the course text Fundraising Basics: A Complete Guide. Focus on prospect research methods for individuals and how these strategies might be applied to prospective foundation research.
  • Review the article “An Empirically Based Typology of Intercollegiate Athletic Donors: High and Low Motivation Scenarios.” Consider how examining donor motivation might help organizations with prospect research.
  • Peruse the Web site of a major corporate foundation, such as Target or General Mills. Go to the “ community” section and find out what types of issues (e.g., education, health care, etc.) the foundation supports. Also, look for a list of organizations to which the foundation donated in the past. Think about how the missions of the organizations are related to the issues the foundation supports.
  • Think about the Young Life.  nonprofit organization Reflect on the mission of the organization.
  • With this in mind, go to the Foundation Center Web site and identify foundations you think might be appropriate prospective donors. Then, go to each foundation’s Web site, paying particular attention to the issues they support and the organizations to which they have donated in the past.
  • Based on your research, identify two foundations that you think are appropriate prospective donors and two foundations that you think are inappropriate prospective donors. Reflect on why each might or might not be an appropriate donor match.
  • Reflect on any conclusions or insights you might draw about prospect research in general, as applied to all types of prospective donors (e.g., individuals, foundations, corporations, and government agencies).


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