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Identifying Capital and Revenue Expenditures For each of the following items, enter the correct letter to the left to show the type of expenditure. Use the following:

Type of Expenditure


C Capital expenditure

(1) Purchased a patent, $4,300 cash.

R Revenue expenditure

(2) Paid $10,000 for monthly salaries.

N Neither

(3) Paid cash dividends, $20,000.

(4) Purchased a machine, $7,000; gave a long term note.

(5) Paid three year insurance premium, $900.

(6) Paid for routine maintenance, $200, on credit.

(7) Paid $400 for ordinary repairs.

(8) Paid $6,000 for extraordinary repairs.

(9) Paid $20,000 cash for addition to old building.

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