Identify three issues that distinguish approaches to City Design before and after World War II

| February 9, 2014

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Hello, the paper should be based on urban design planning and architecture. Please read the attachments. thank you. Chester_W_Hartman_-_Lessons_for_Urban_Planners.pdf Unit_6__Oct_17_-_City_Design_after_WWII_-_Rem_Koolhaas__What_Ever_Happened_to_Urbanism.pdf homas_OConnor_-_The_Urban_Renewal_Chronicle.pdf
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The design of the cities in the ancient days prior the Second World War has great difference from the structures afterwards. Most of the structures that existed before the World War II were rejected after the period (O’Connor, 57). These cities were initially built traditionally with low-rise buildings, but after the war , the urban land supported the taller buildings development, which were firm structured that were enabled by the technological improvements….ORDER NOW
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