Identify the Buying Behavior of a Product's Target Market

| March 19, 2014

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Read the following carefully:
The aim of this project is to identify the buying behaviour of a product?s target market. There are two parts to the project:
Assignment 1 involves conducting an in-depth interview and analysing the answers and comparing them to the evidence in the literature. You will be applying concepts from Topics 1 to 4.
Assignment 2 involves using the information gained from Assignment 1 and the concepts from Topics 1 to 9 to analyse the internal and external influences on a consumer?s decision making process and the implications to marketing.
You should focus on a specific product and specific buying situation. Choose these carefully ? again to afford you scope to really demonstrate your knowledge and application of unit concepts.
Other points to note:
The assignments are in report format. Report format means using an executive summary, introduction, conclusion and referencing which, in this case, will be outside the word count.
Because of the nature of these assignments, it is difficult to be prescriptive about the number of references required.
Failure to reference appropriately will result in loss of marks.
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Consumer Culture, 1980-2000


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