ICM plan about diabetes

| September 27, 2015

ICM plan about diabetes

Developing an IMC plan,
• To research current non-profit organisations in Kuwait
• To familiarise oneself with many different causes currently actual in Kuwait
• To co-ordinate and produce an indepth Integrated Marketing Communications plan for a Kuwaiti non- profit organisation
• To market and promote a non-profit cause
• Introduction
• Situation analysis (external & internal)
• Campaign Objectives
• Creative Strategy
• Media Strategy
• Budget
• Evaluation & Monitoring
Ensure that your IMC plan includes all of these parts.TASK
Develop an Integrated Marketing Communications plan for a Kuwaiti non-profit organisation, with the focus on promoting one cause.
Write a 3000 word IMC plan. Typeset in 10~12pt type, using a basic typeface and single spaced. Copy must be free from spelling and gramatical errors.
This information will be mostly text based with limited imagery and should look like a report.

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