IB-Civil Rights Essay

| July 17, 2015
This project focuses on origins, nature, challenges, and achievements of civil rights movement AFTER 1945. These movements represented the attempts to achieve equality for groups who were not recognized or accepted as full members of society.The groups challenged established authority and entrenched attitudes. 1) Native Americans and Civil Rights Movement 2) Feminists and Civil Rights Movement Your paper should provide evidence of the historical research ability expected at this level. There should be no FEWER THAN 2 PRIMARY AND 3 SECONDARY RESOURCES EVIDENT IN THIS RESEARCH (for each topic). Resources such as blogs, encyclopedias, including Wikipedia, are prohibited in this exercise. As usual, a full bibliography is to accompany the finished product. Each prompt should consist of no more than 3 pages. Paper should be written: -12 point font – Doubled spaced -MLA format

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Abolish Senate
IB HOA- Civil Rights Essay

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