i want to know how much for this assignment

| February 5, 2015

i want to know how much for this assignment

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Divya Judge Semester 1 2014 UBSS International Business Management: BBM361 Assignment 2: Marks: 30% Individual Assignment Number of words: 1500 words (excluding Executive Summary, Title Page and references) Due Date: 29th September 2014 You work for a company in Australia as a Business Development Manager. Your company is exploring opportunities to expand into any one of the following countries. Choose any one Country from the following list: Israel Columbia Vietnam Do a Country factor Analysis and make recommendations to Management regarding the Country factors. In your Analysis, cover all the dimensions of the International Business Environment such as the Cultural, Political, Legal, Economic and Financial Environments. Also include the following in your analysis: • Size and growth rate of the International Market • “Market intensity” (customers’ buying power) • “Consumption capacity” (size and growth rate of the middle class) • Country’s receptivity to imports • Infrastructure for doing business The assignment should be done in a word processed report format. Divya Judge Semester 1 2014 Assignment 2 – Report Marking Guide Student Name: Student ID Number: Assessor Name: Date: Value Student Score Executive Summary and General Report Format 2 Referencing 3 Country Analysis 20 Recommendations 5 Total 30


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Assignment 3: Export / Import Research Paper, Part 1
Based on the text : Luthans, F., & Doh, J.P. 2011. International Management: Culture, Strategy..

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