I to 3 sources needed. Analysis of a live performance musical "murder for two"

| November 19, 2015

The most important thing is YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS MUSICAL IN LIVE.
Introduction: The essay you needs to focus on the ACTING, which is your thesis.Acting –Discuss the overall acting component of the production. (Know the difference between who the character is in the musical and what an actor does to bring this character to life.) What did you actually see on stage in regards to the actors’ performances? What did the actors do in order to create their character (accent, gestures, how they carriedthemselves, etc.) You need to name the actors(not simply the characters); cite and describe
specific moments of success or failure for them as they interpreted their characters. How well did the actors integrate the assignments of character/dance/song? Do not simply describe the written characters –this assignment should be a performance analysis, not a libretto analysis.
Body Paragraphs: These paragraphs must begin with a clear topic sentence that guides the centralidea/argument and connects back to the thesis statement. The body of theparagraph should include clear and specific examples that will prove your thesis statement.

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2 Assignments-Prepare Essay

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