i need help with city of smithville chapter 4 i downloaded the instructions and the 561886

I need help with City of Smithville Chapter 4.. I downloaded the instructions and the excel worksheet it has to be done on. Ive already got part of the work done, but am stuck right now if you could help?

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Accounting for Governmental and Not for Profit Entities Final Project This is the final project which is 20% of your grade. The information you need to complete this project is found mainly in chapters 3 and 4; the bulk of the information is in chapter 4. Accounting is a large field covering taxes, reporting, governmental, non profit, auditing, etc. and it is important to know where to go to get answers to questions. Everything question can be answered and journal entries can be found in chapters 3 and 4 but it will take some time and a little study to extract the information you need. Please take time for this project as it will bring this class together for you. Begin by putting the following ending balances, which will be your beginning balance, into T accounts on the provided excel spreadsheet. If you do not record these beginning balances your accounts will not be accurate and the closing entries will be incorrect, so please do this first. CITY OF SMITHVILLE Governmental Activities Government wide Level Post Closing Trial Balance As of December 31, 2013 General Ledger Account Title Debits Credits Cash $ 281,410 Taxes Receivable—Delinquent 618,706 Estimated Uncollectible Delinquent Taxes $ 36,890 Interest and Penalties Receivable on Taxes 69,380 Estimated Uncollectible Interest and Penalties 18,226 Due from State Government 500,000 Inventory of Supplies 60,000 Land 4,180,000 Infrastructure 9,862,000 Accumulated Depreciation—Infrastructure 2,595,600 Buildings 6,296,000 Accumulated Depreciation—Buildings 1,583,000 Equipment 3,529,000 Accumulated Depreciation—Equipment 1,342,000 Vouchers Payable 482,844 Tax Anticipation Notes Payable 375,000 Due to Federal Government 148,600 Due to State Government 27,300 Net Position—Net Investment in Capital Assets 18,346,400 Net Position—Unrestricted 440,636 Totals $25,396,496 $25,396,496 The following budget for the General Fund of the City of Smithville was…

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