I have Business Statistics (Computer Case) homework to be done in Excel

| November 13, 2015

Business Statistics (Computer Case_)

You are being assigned a specific San Antonio Spurs game to analyze. Your data set is the Box Score for the (Spurs 95 – HEAT 81) Game. On Mar 31,2015


For your game, I want you to analyze the following four variables for EACH team:


TOT Number of Total Rebounds per Player

AST Number of Assists per Player

TO Number of Turnovers per Player

PTS Number of Points per Player


Your analysis will have three parts:


Part 1 – Using an Excel spreadsheet, determine the Descriptive Statistics for

each variable.


Part 2 – Then you will need to determine the Coefficient of Variation for each



Part 3 Then you will use the Pearson function in Excel to determine the

Pearsons Correlation between PTS (dependent variable) and the

other 3 variables TOT, AST, and TO (independent).


Part 4 – Then you will need to write a two page Letter to Coach POP

explaining the final score and ultimate outcome (win or lose) of the game.



The information to be turned in is as follows:


1) Cover Page

2) Managerial Report

3) Printed Box Score

4) Printouts of all work done in Excel

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