i have attached 3 discussion questions and one assignment the first discussion quest 560079

i have attached 3 discussion questions and one assignment. the first discussion question is due tomorrow.

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Week 1 eActivity Use the Internet to research the current provisions and proposed changes reflected in the exposure draft for lease accounting under generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) and international financial reporting standards (IFRS). Be prepared to discuss Week 1 Discussion 1 Top of Form Total views: 66 (Your views: 9) “Operating and Capital Leases” Please respond to the following: From the e Activity, analyze the results of the proposed changes to lease accounting on operating and capital leases. Identifying how the right of use model will impact financial reporting, indicate how companies are likely to manage the change in reporting. Discuss recommendations you would make to chief financial officers (CFOs) of retailers, service providers, and other businesses that lease several locations or have substantial leases of real estate or other assets. Indicate the pros and cons of each approach. Please make sure you post an Initial Post and at least one Reply Post in this Thread All posts should be substantive and add value to the discussion. Please make sure your posts are grammatically correct and do not have any spelling errors. Each post should have original content and you must cite any sources that you quote or paraphrase. For additional guidance, please refer to the Threaded Discussion Announcement posted in the course. Bottom of Form Week 1 Discussion 2 “Leasing Restatements in the Restaurant Industry” Please respond to the following: From the case study, create an argument for the use of principles based accounting for leases over rules based accounting under GAAP, based on the financial statement restatements in the restaurant industry. Provide support for your argument. Assess the materiality of the errors, direction provided by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and the Sarbanes Oxley Act (SOX) on the decision by management to restate the financial statements. Indicate the likely impact to stakeholders when financial…


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