Hydrophobicity loss in membrane distillation desalination

| January 6, 2015

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Please follow the instructions in the files that I will upload. A Sample of the research paper was provided by our instructor the instruction and a template are also provided (clear enough). The topic is related to Environmental engineering, you can write about the possible mechanisms of fouling and wetting (hydrophobicity loss) and the proposed solutions in the lecture and compare them or discuss them (make clear objectives).
If you have an Inquiry please feel free to contact me.
Note: I’m flexible with the topic. If you have any suggestion with something similar or related.. in case you faced difficulties with the topic I suggested (but I still prefer it) , please let me know and give me other choices. Last important thing be on time.
I think I included sufficient (number of pages/words), just again make sure to follow the instructions and you SHOULD construct one table or two as in the provided sample and include at least 2 figures, you can add up to 20 references.
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PayPal Acceptance Mark

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