Hybrid electric vehicles: Why aren’t they selling?

| May 24, 2014

In this report we will be discussing hybrid electric vehicles. The main focus of this report is to highlight the issue of poor sales of HEVs, as well as some potential solutions to boost HEV sales. We will first start by giving you a technical background of HEVs in which we describe what an HEV is, as well as a bit of history behind them. From there we will provide an analysis of HEV sales, factors hindering HEV sales, and consumer concerns related to HEVs. We will discuss in detail problems such as the high upfront cost HEVs and poor consumer perceptions about them. This will include a look at some consumer concerns about purchasing HEVs, such as safety and range. From there we will move into discussing a few possible solutions to boost HEV sales. These solutions include offering grants and subsidies for hybrid electric vehicles, advertising and increasing the awareness of consumers, and reducing the cost of the battery pack as well as ownership cost.

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