Hw week 3 ct312

| January 11, 2016

HW3 – Arithmetic, Logic and Program Control Instructions


  • Read Chapters 5 and 6 in the text The Intel Microprocessors Eighth Edition.
  • Participate in Discussion Question #1:  Shift and Rotate Instructions
  • Participate in Discussion Question #2:  Jump Instructions
  • Work Chapter 5 Questions and Problems 19, 31, and 37, pgs. 189-190.
  • Work Chapter 6 Questions and Problems 25 and 39, pg. 221-222.
  • Submit homework solutions via Assignment Upload Tool. Show all work for full credit.



Ch. 5 pg 189


19) When two 16-bit numbers are multiplied, what two registers hold the product?

Show the registers that contain the most and least significant portions of the product.


Ch. 5 Pg. 190


31) Where is the quotient found after a 64-bit division?


37) Develop a sequence of instructions that adds the 8- digit BCD number in AX and BX to

the 8-digit BCD number in CX and DX. (AX and CX are the most significant registers. The

result must be found in CX and DX after the addition.)



Ch. 6    Pg. 221


25) Explain how the LOOPE instruction operates.


Pg. 222


39) Explain what the RET 6 instruction accomplishes.

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