Humanities Reflective Essay

| June 29, 2015

What role should religion play in society? (Note, I am not asking you to describe what role it does play, but what role it should play.)

The purpose of the reflective essay is to give you a chance to think more deeply about the topics we cover in this course. To write the essay, you will need to do the following:

1) Write an introduction which clearly identifies the topic and clearly indicates what you will say about it.  If the topic includes a question to be answered, a clear answer to the question must be in the intro.

2) Write a description of the topic.  The description must contain at least three properly-cited references to the relevant class texts.

3) Write an argument that supports the stand you take on the topic.  Your argument should be as free as possible from logical fallacies.  It should also not depend on particular cultural or religious views.  It should contain rationally-believable premises which logically support their conclusion.

4) The whole essay should be written at a stylistic level appropriate to a college-level liberal arts class.  Clear and proper citations must be used throughout.

I will score your essays as follows:

1) Introduction – 10 points

2) Description – 40 points

3) Argument – 40 points

4) Style – 10 points

Essays should be 650 – 900 words in length.  Please consult the numerous writing links for general help with writing.


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