Humanistic and Existential Models of Personality

| September 6, 2018

Weekly Discussion 2

Humanistic and Existential Models of Personality

Discuss the similarities and differences between humanistic and existential theories.

  • Which model resonates with you the most?

Select a theory/theorist from the reading for this week.

  • Why did you selected this theorist?
  • How learning about these models has shaped your views?

Post should be at least 300 words.



Required Resources

Lecci, L.B. & Magnavita, J.J. (2013). Personality Theories: A Scientific Approach. San Diego: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.

  • Chapter 6: Cognitive and Cognitive-Behavioral Approaches to Personality (review)
  • Chapter 9: Self-Psychology: Humanistic/Existential Models

Buss, D. M., Larsen, R. J., Westen, D., & Semmelroth, J. (1992). Sex differences in jealousy: Evolution, physiology, and psychology. Psychological Science, 3(4), 251-255. Retrieved from (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Koltko-Rivera, M. E. (2006).  Rediscovering the later version of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs: Self-transcendence and opportunities for theory, research, and unification.  Review of General Psychology 10(4), 302-317. (EBSCOhost PsycArticles AN: 2006-22547-002).

Neiderhiser, J.M. (2001). Understanding the roles of genome and envirome: methods in genetic epidemiology The British Journal of Psychiatry  178: s12-s17

Carl Rogers: YouTube clip (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

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